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TOTEME is a Swedish fashion house founded on the principles of minimalism, long-standing style, meticulous craftsmanship and methodic repetition. We craft modern classics with purpose, occasion and longevity in mind – each piece is made to last and be cherished, and each collection seen as an opportunity to build on our existing offering and perfect our styles.

We are committed to establishing TOTEME as a conscious brand that inspires customers and brands to make decisions that benefit, as opposed to harm, people, animals and the environment.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) inform our sustainability pillars of design, planet and community as well as our environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

We plan to meet our goals through continuous learning; key performance indicators (KPIs), policies, audits, training and workshops; improved accountability and transparency; and partnerships with the right suppliers and organizations to craft lasting pieces from quality materials in safe and fair conditions.


TOTEME stands for style, purpose and quality. We take a curated approach to creating long-lasting, trans-seasonal pieces considering function and occasion, attention to detail and materials, and social and environmental impact. We believe in offering a streamlined wardrobe that is upgraded and complemented as opposed to reinvented, and present our collections through styling that expresses their full potential to encourage the TOTEME customer to buy better and less, and wear more.

Our longstanding Signatures are unmistakably TOTEME: they are classic in their expression and have a clear purpose in our wardrobe. Whether it is a tank, trench or flip-flop, we strive to make the best wardrobe archetypes by tweaking and perfecting them over time through improved materials and manufacturing techniques. Our signatures inspire us to develop seasonal styles with a timeless mindset.

Leather production at TOTEME

TOTEME makes quality pieces in consideration of the environment and animals. We are continuously improving our practices and joining forces with key organizations that can help us minimize our impact on the planet. All our suppliers are required to follow our Sustainability Commitment and relevant policies.

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