Cotton and synthetics


Stain Removal

Treat stains as soon as possible by spraying some bleach-free stain remover directly on the stain (on the fabric reverse) and let it soak in, then wash according to the instructions on the care label. If the stain is still there after washing, repeat the process. Don’t put the garment in the dryer until the stain is completely gone.


Washing and drying

Most cotton and synthetic garments can be machine-washed at 30° or 40°– simply follow the instructions on the care label and make sure to turn them inside-out. In some cases tumble-drying is possible, but we recommend hang-drying to save natural resources, extend the garment’s lifespan, and avoid wrinkling. It’s possible to iron most cotton and synthetic garments.



Cotton and synthetic garments can be hung on a hanger or folded and stored on a shelf (the former is recommended for shirts to avoid wrinkling). Keep a piece of cedarwood nearby to repel moths. Always clean your clothes before storing them.